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  • Shoddy systems at JHB forensic science lab puts cases at risk 12/06/2019
    Successful criminal prosecutions in three provinces relying on the Forensic Science Laboratory in Johannesburg for analysis, including post-mortem results, could be jeopardised following a report recommending its closure because of shoddy systems.... (Feed generated with FetchRSS)
    South Africa
  • Still no regulatory changes despite 200 listeriosis deaths 12/06/2019
    It has been more than a year since 200 people died in a listeriosis outbreak, and the government has still not passed changes that might be able to stop future flare-ups of the disease, reports The Star. The country had a major listeriosis... (Feed generated with FetchRSS)
    South Africa
  • Medical device industry rejects Discovery's planned fees 12/06/2019
    South Africa’s biggest medical scheme administrator Discovery Health plans to introduce hefty fees to assess the effectiveness of medical devices such as glucose monitors, drawing sharp criticism from a supplier body group that has warned its... (Feed generated with FetchRSS)
    South Africa
  • High prevalence of ARV and TB stockouts — SA survey 29/05/2019
    One in five public health facilities in South Africa were unable to supply at least one antiretroviral (ARV) or tuberculosis (TB) drug on the day they were contacted by researchers, while over a third had had a drug stockout in the previous three... (Feed generated with FetchRSS)
    South Africa
  • 'Dramatic’ scheduling exemption for cannabidiol 29/05/2019
    The legal status of cannabidiol (CBD), a compound derived from dagga that is showing up in everything from sore-muscle creams to beer, just changed in South Africa – rather more dramatically than had been expected, reports Business Insider. For... (Feed generated with FetchRSS)
    South Africa
The NHI Bill released last week indicated that multidisciplinary teams at primary care level as opposed to individuals rendering service on a capitation basis would be preferred under the new funding system. But, as pointed out from the floor during the weekend?s KZNDHC Conference in Durban, the Health Professions Council of SA (HPCSA) has a ?


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  • Saving children’s teeth in Sudan – without anaesthetic or drills 25/06/2019
    A cheap and simple technique could revolutionise treatment for tooth decay, especially in poor countries. (Feed generated with FetchRSS)
    Fadil Elamin
  • How preschools can do more to support children living with HIV 25/06/2019
    Secrecy around the HIV-positive status of young children in school is denying them the care and support they need for a good start. (Feed generated with FetchRSS)
    Linet Imbosa Muhati-Nyakundi
  • Kenya responded fast to Ebola scare, but cross-border risk remains highSouth Africa should... 21/06/2019
    Kenya appears prepared for Ebola outbreaks, but a lot more can be done. The interplay of poverty, inequality, urbanisation and the industrial food system leaves low-income families with limited access to fresh, healthy foods. Borders are porous between North Kivu province of the DRC and neighbouring countries, so the potential for spread is highly likely. […]
    Abdhalah ZirabaBrittany KesselmanJanusz PaweskaMosoka FallahAndre Pascal KengneElvis Banboye KidzeruMuki SheyEmily MendenhallMichael Sean PepperArie HavelaarAshagrie Zewdu WoldegiorgisAlessandra PrioreschiJuan Pablo RudBritta AugsburgFrancisco OteizaLaura AbramovskyMelanie LührmannRowena HillTiaan de JagerTaneshka KrugerKaren HofmanNicola ChristofidesMosoka FallahVincent O. OnyweraRobert W. BlumEllis Owusu-DaboArti SinghSteven YehJean-Claude MwanzaJessica Shantha
  • Ebola in the DRC: the race is on between research and the virusEbola vaccine is key in ongoing... 16/06/2019
    Four new Ebola treatments are being tried out in the DRC. The new Ebola vaccine is yet to be licensed but evidence shows that it protects against the strain of the virus. Instability in the DRC and Ebola's deadly properties is making it hard to contain the virus. (Feed generated with FetchRSS)
    Yap BoumJean-Jacques MuyembeSabue MulanguSteve Mundeke AhukaJacqueline WeyerConnor Bamford
  • The three big studies pushing at the frontiers of HIV preventionAdherence is delaying HIV... 13/06/2019
    Researchers around the world are working hard to find a vaccine that is safe and effective. Most of the reasons people don’t take their medication aren't related to the antiretrovirals themselves, but rather social and systemic issues. Addressing HIV stigma through utilising the Acholi’s own local cultural system is an empowering process that will position […]
    Glenda GrayMichelle MoorhouseWillem Daniel Francois VenterBonnie FournierDmitry VelmeshevSandra LoesgenChristine WaiMaria NiarchouMarianne van den BreeMarco HaenssgenCarla TsampirasNolwazi MkhwanaziDillon Thomas BrowneNicole RacineSheri Madigan
Mediation in medical negligence cases has the potential not only to reduce the exorbitant legal costs of litigation against medical professionals in South Africa, but also to ensure that patients who have suffered damages as a result of medical negligence are fairly and timeously compensated, while encouraging education to curb incidences from happening again. However, ?
Medical mediation has become a buzzword in health departments across the world as an alternative to taking legal action to solve disputes.
Although most children (85-90%) with cerebral palsy are born with it, diagnosis may be delayed until 2+ years of age. A diagnosis is made by monitoring motor milestones; infants thought to be at risk for CP are enrolled in early intervention programs where their progress is closely watched. New and better ways to identify infants ?


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